Rejection not acceptable

If you, like MANY other pre-meds, have spent your undergrad worrying incessantly about whether your grades and activities will be enough to pursue your lifelong dream of medical school, hear this. I know there are senior students and professors who keep insisting that med school is too competitive, too many people have the same “dream”, you haven’t really thought about it, etc etc etc…. I know you may feel ashamed to have the same dream as lots of other students, and may wish to hide it, lest you disappoint. Truth is though, if you let yourself be controlled by them, you’ll actually be roadblocking yourself by being nervous and stressed out all the time.

Be confident. Stay motivated. Read medical blogs ( and Medscape Differential are my personal favourites!). Watch Grey’s, Scrubs, Saving Hope, and heck any old medical drama that gives you the adrenaline rush that makes you want to zoom forward in time and into those scrubs.

We can never micro-control our past or our future – but we can certainly take charge of the present moment. Let’s be those “pre-med” students who can and will achieve their dreams!

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